Almost everyone, particularly children, will develop warts at some point. Luckily, these skin-colored growths are benign and harmless; however, sometimes they can appear in places that are a bit uncomfortable or embarrassing. For example, plantar warts are warts that develop on the soles of your feet, which can make walking and standing painful. Fortunately, this is a pretty simple fix for our team of podiatrists at Archstone Foot and Ankle Institute.

What causes plantar warts?

All warts are caused by a viral infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are many strains of HPV, and while there are some strains that can lead to other issues such as genital warts, rest assured that the strain that causes genital warts is not the same as the strain that is responsible for plantar warts. This infection enters the skin through a cut or scrapes in the foot, which is also why it’s important to wear shoes in public areas such as the gym locker room, local pool and communal showers. This can reduce your risk for plantar warts.

How can I treat plantar warts?

Most people don’t realize that warts will go away all on their own, but it may take months or even years for this to happen. Patients dealing with plantar warts might find them uncomfortable or irritating because they are on the soles of their feet. If you find that your plantar warts are making it difficult to walk around or are causing you discomfort then you should visit our podiatrists right away.
If you don’t want to wait for warts to go away on their own, we can easily remove them for you. There are several ways in which to do this,

  • Applying a topical solution containing salicylic acid (it take several weeks to see results)
  • Burning off the warts
  • Liquid nitrogen (to freeze the wart)
  • Laser treatment
  • Minor surgery to remove the wart

If you or someone in your family is dealing with plantar warts you may wish to come into our Torrance, CA, practice for an evaluation. After all, other growths can develop on the feet that look similar to warts, and it’s a good idea to have a professional opinion before you start treating the issue yourself.

Our podiatrists have been providing foot and ankle care to the Bay Area for more than three decades. To schedule an appointment, call Archstone Foot and Ankle Institute at (310) 326-8551 .

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