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In an age where technological information systems are easily accessible to everyone, some people are more likely to self diagnose online than spend the time to go to a physician. Granted, a lot of information on the internet is informative and accurate. However it cannot provide a complete or focused physical exam or history, which is where the majority of diagnostic differentials are derived. Online tools can give you a broad idea of what may be bothering you, but they can never be used to definitively diagnose your problem. Our doctors will take the time not only to diagnose and treat you, but to understand your goals in treatment, as well as to help you fully understand the cause, treatment, and likely outcomes of your pathology. We believe that patient compliance comes from patient education, and will not let you walk out of our clinic without all your questions answered. It's those patients that discuss their needs and the realities of treatment ahead of them who have the most successful outcomes. You will not be on the clock here, you will not be ignored, and you will not be just a patient.

A common misconception with pains and aches is that it will get better on its own with rest. This may be true for some pathologies, but a large number of diseases are progressive and will not resolve on their own. This misconception has lead to numerous amputations, drastic reconstructive surgeries, long term pain and immobility, and wheelchair bound patients. Preventative medicine is a practice that prevents onset of disease as well as early detection of pathologies. Our bodies have a very sensitive and specific system to notify us when there is something abnormal; Don't ignore it. Our doctors practice medicine with this belief and prefer to have the majority of our patients for checkups with good news rather than a schedule dominated by chronic pathologies which could have been prevented. When you come see us, you aren't just taking care of a problem you've been dealing with, but also looking out for your future well being. We take the time to identify early signs and markers of possible diseases and pathologies to discuss in detail what you can do to help prevent their onset. If you are struggling with bunions, ingrown toenails, nail fungus, warts or more we can help, give us a call today at (310) 326-8551.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

  • "Dr. Park was thorough and took the time to answer all our questions. We highly recommend him!"
    Penny R.
  • "Dr. Park had excellent bedside manner and took the time to explain the science behind my condition to me in a way I could easily understand, without me even asking. He laid out options for treatment and explained the pros and cons to each one in order to help me make a decision, while giving his professional recommendation where appropriate. While I came in expecting a consultation, he immediately wanted to take an x-ray and at the end of the visit we ended up proceeding with treatment. This was all done with minimal wait time in between each step, and I was in and out in an hour with a clear understanding of next steps. I highly recommend Dr. Park."
  • "He asked me "what my goal was".
    I thought this was and is a great way to start. My answer was that I wanted to be able to walk barefoot without pain (my right foot was the problem). It took 6 months to heal but I did and he was there every step of the way keeping a close eye on my progress.
    After two foot surgeries I was able to do this,and not only walk barefoot but do Zumba/Dance.
    We noted that in the future one other toe may need attention and it did
    three years later.
    He again asked me my goal . I answered -to dance without pain.
    He agreed that was a "good" goal and obtainable.
    It is now almost three months after surgery and I am getting there.
    His staff is professional and efficient new office clean and rarely do I have to wait to see him.
    Hopefully I won't need more surgery but if I did Dr. Kim would be my surgeon.
    Catherine (Kay) P"
    Kay P.
  • "I am so grateful to Dr. Kim for taking the time out to see me right away, especially on a late Friday afternoon. I liked his easy going nature and concern about my pain, offering many options and recommendations. The foot device, gel and exercises actually helped out immediately. Although busy, he was attentive and didn't seem to mind answering all of my questions. I look forward to future follow up visits and treatment from a doctor who is genuinely concerned about his patients."
    Teresa K.
  • "Dr. Michael Bloch and his Staff are Acme! He is a Fabulous Surgeon and you can tell his Staff Love Him! Everyone was So Warm, Friendly, and Made Me feel like Family! Dr. Bloch made me feel at ease and his Bedside Manner was unsurpassed! When I had to reach him post surgery he called me back Right Away! Both my surgeries were major and today thanks to, Dr. Bloch, I'm no longer in agonizing pain!"
    Karyn M.
  • "Dr. Michael Bloch really cares about you he is all about the
    health and wellness of you and your feet. If you have bunions, corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis, nail issues, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus.
    He has been in the business over 25 years has knowledge of diabetic & gout issues that effect your feet. He has the credentials and is a podiatric surgeon specializing in foot and ankle. Definitely worth a visit
    you will know right away it was the best thing you ever did once you meet him and see his passion for what he does."
    Ken E.
  • "Even though I live in LA, I'm more than happy to make the drive down for Dr. Park. He's fast, efficient, explains everything thoroughly and clearly, and very calming. I seem to always be injuring myself and he'll always get me in for faster relief. I had an injury about a year ago that should have left me with a permanently disfigured big-toenail, but his careful care led to perfect healing- thank goodness! Me and my sandals thank him!"
    Farah L.
  • "Grateful to meet a physician who listened, took his time and addressed my podiatry concerns.
    I will definitely be returning to Dr. Parks for further treatment & care."
    Barbara S.
  • "I have had multiple podiatrists in multiple states and this group is great. I have Dr. Perez as my doctor and he is a straight forward guy that tells you what's up and doesn't force you to do certain things out of your comfort range.

    I highly recommend Dr. Perez if you need a foot specialist."
    Zach P.
  • "I am the friend that needed the moral support! Lol Dr. Perez was beyond amazing. I was totally nervous going in and from check in to check out everyone was sooooo nice. Especially Anna and Dr. Perez! They gave me all the info I needed plus some and throughout the process they were the sweetest. I even shared with Dr. Perez that my mother had just had foot surgery and her doctor was so rough and he was so sweet, gentle, approachable and caring. I highly recommend this place. It was clean, very great ambiance and the service was exceptional. I cannot wait to see Dr. Perez and Anna for my check up. Thank you soooo much for such a great experience for someone that was super nervous!"
    Diana C.
  • "Dr. Perez is AMAZING!!! I went in with a friend for moral support and Dr. Perez and the office manager Anna were beyond helpful and professional. Every single worry/question was answered before the procedure and once we were ready it all went great! I highly recommend Archstone Foot Institute especially Dr. Perez who helped my friend out for any foot or ankle needs they are simply THE BEST!"
    Diana R.
  • "This was our first visit and Dr Carroll and the office staff were great! I was really surprised the care Dr Carroll did for my husband! Thank you and this is a great office!!"
    Janny N.
  • "If you need your feet looked at, this is the place! Dr Carroll and the team at Archstone were so helpful! I could not have asked for a better doctor. Dr Carroll was very informative and was able to ease my nerves through my procedure with great conversation. Also, I cannot forget about the friendly and welcoming staff. Anna was very helpful with all my post procedure info. Thank you Archstone!"
    Arthur S.
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